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>>> in japan concerns over radiation are growing this morning after officials says there's a high likelihood that nuclear rods are melting down inside all three of the most troubling nuclear reactors. residents are being tested for radiation exposure. >> video is showing house forceful the tsunami was. black water sweeping away cars and homes as if they were toys. enough speed to knock homes on their foundation. >> the number of confirmed dead is 2800 but they believe at least 10,000 people have parished with so many still missing. >> the latest from japan including the fears at a nuclear plant has lost power. >> while the second explosion added to the tension in japan, many survivors have only just begun to mourn the loss of their loved ones, their homes and some their retired communities. devastation as far as the eyes can see. i was here, she said. it just came and washed everything away. this woman clung to a tree and grabbed a floating floor mat. the churning water washed her away. her daughter was with her but cannot be found. there are dead fish in the bathroom but it's dry
to the bay area's response to japan. live in santa cruz. >> well, there are several road closures around this area, kristen. also the beach boardwalk and wharf behind me are closed and the damage it mounting. take a look at this dramatic video from sky 7. we have had several tsunami surges come into the yacht harbor. the first before 8:00 this morning and the damage as you can see is pretty significant. at least five boats are sunk. many are slammed into the dock by these tide changes. pieces of pilings are floating in the water and being sucked out to sea. a lot of this damage right now just property damage. fortunately no injuries to report. people have flocked to cal state beach where the tsunami tide activity was especially dramatic. >> it just sucked way out like a superlow tide over the course of about five minutes and it's doing it again right now. this is the third one. could be the big one. >> this is the second time i've seen a tsunami here in santa cruz. when i was 13-year-old i saw the one in 1964 and it did exactly the same thing. the water retreated first. >> it was unbelie
a the a nuclear power plant. >> the head of the u.n.'s nuclear agency is heading to japan to get more information. today the u.s. military sent two fire trucks to help battle fires at the fukushima plant. but they haven't been asked to use troops to help. meantime, japan's defense ministry decided against a proposed plan to dump water from helicopters over the badly damaged plants. radiation levels are just too high. you can see in this photo a big hole has opened in the containment vessel around the reactor, and large portions have collapsed. here is more on the plant workers who are putting their own workers putting their own lives in jeopardy to prevent a bigger catastrophe. >> reporter: they are the nameless, brave souls who volunteered or perhaps been asked to be the last line of defense. because they have specific skills and nerves of steel. five workers have already died and two are missing after the latest fire and two dozen are injured. nuclear experts say the skell ton crew are not managers, but probably technicians, men with the schematics of the plant in their head and can fix the clo
in japan. homes were swept away for miles. death toll in the thousands but in all this destruction, incredible destruction, we have some uplifting stories to tepg you about. rescuers pulled two people from the wreckage four days later. they found a 70-year-old woman in her house that was washed away by tsunami waves. she suffered from hypothermia but didn't have any life-threatening injuries. another team pulled a man from a building after workers heard him calling for help. >> there is evidence that the primary containment unit has been reached. one japanese official told the iae that radiation is being released directly into the atmosphere. they ordered some 140,000 people to stay indoors. that order came after new fire and explosions increased radiation levels around the fukushima daiichi plant. long after the fire was extinguished, a japanese official says water to keep the reactor cooled might still be boiling but the report levels of radiation have dropped dramatically. experts on "good morning america" say the situation appears headed to the catastrophe. >> i think we're clo
forecast. >>> now the latest in japan. operators of the center of a nuclear crisis are acknowledging for the first time today the last resort be to bury the crippled power plant to prevent a catastrophic radiation release. meantime, today, a u.n. diplomat in vienna that the timing the radiation will hit southern california and there is no radiation risks that poses health to people. they raised it on four to five on seven level scale. that means the disaster is on par with a partial meltdown of three-mile island in pennsylvania. meanwhile, japanese prime minister is calling on the nation to unite in rebuilding the country from scratch. it was a week ago that the quake and tsunami hit killing thousands. now a report from osaka. >> this morning, firefighters are spraying water on the damaged reactors at the fukushima daiichi and all volunteers on a mission that could end their lives. the crews are spraying tons of water on all reactors but paying particular attention to reactor number three. on thursday, new video revealed the devastation there. >> this is an amazing video. first of al
clean. nuclear crisis in japan. helicopters raced to dump sea water on the crippleett fukushima plant. they are trying to cool the overheated uranium to prevent a catastrophic released of radiation. they hope to have a power cable connected to the main grid hooked up by tomorrow. the united nations nuclear agency says the situation at the quake-ravaged plant is very serious, but does not appear to be worsening. president obama is holding a news conference at 12:30 this afternoon our time to address the crisis. this morning white house officials say there is no indication of radiation danger in the u.s. right now. still they are now taking action at the nation's airports. abc7's janelle wang joins us with what is happening. >> u.s. customs and border protection is now testing some passengers and cargo at some airports around the country. they won't say which airport specifically, but we are hearing reports of los angeles, seattle, dallas and new york. the department of homeland security says so far all tests for radiation are negative. >> in an exercise of caution and just to make sure
takes control of operations in libya as the country says they are ready to negotiate. >> in japan the situation as you can see >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> libyan prime minister says his country is ready to talk with opposition rebels and accept political reforms possibly including elections as nato gets ready to take control of the no-fly zone in libya. the u.s. general in charge of the operation will hand the job over to a canadian and today france declared libya's air space under control. >> japan's prime minister is calling the nuclear theft as biggest yet. experts suspect there has been damage to the nuclear reactor core. workers had to be returned to the hospital with radiation burns 10,000 times worse than normal. >> plutonium is the most toxic known to science. a speck of plutonium could cause cancer if ingested. >> sailors have washed down the deck to remove any trace of radioactive contamination. it's been off the coast of japan helping for two eastbound weeks now. >> nissan is considering moving some of the engine production from japan
on "nightline". >> in japan, encouraging news about the damaged fukushima daiichi power the man. they have reconnected power lines to all six units but it will likely take days before the cooling systems can be turned out. workers have to check all the equipment. this marks a significant step toward breaking the overheated complex under control. all three they dumped cooling water. meantime, the death toll from the tsunami and earthquake stands at 9,000, another 13,000 shall still missing. >>> hundreds of u.s. military family members are due in the bay area after evacuating japan. chartered flight landed at travis earlier this morning. more than 3500 military family members made the decision to head home. the departure will help reduce the demand for food and water in japan. defense department says the voluntary evacuations will continue for the foreseeable future. >> opening statements are underway in the federal perjury trial of barry bonds. he wab indicted 2007 accused of lying to a grand jury for obstruction testifying that he never knowingly took drugs. >> reporter: the first witnesse
the golden state warriors are doing this week to raise money for japan earthquake relief. >> and nation's top aviation official,vv >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> in japan the owner of crippled nuclear plant says two workers have been treated in the hospital after stepping in radioactive water. the workers have radiation levels within allowable limits. in tokyo they were handing out bottled water to parents of babies after increased radiation levels were found in tap water. stores have completely sold out of bottled water. and food is hard to come by because radiation contamination has caused many people to horde supplies. they say radiation levels have returned to safe levels in tokyo but still taking precautions. >> the golden state warriors, the team is donating $5 for every remaining ticket sold for quake relief efforts. this is for friday game against toronto and the sunday game against washington. in addition, they will be collecting direct donations at the games and there will be a silent auction. we have more information with a link to the warriors on ou
between exercise, fat and the rick of heart attacks. >> a new health warning in japan who is being urged not to drink >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld >>> nato forces will take control of air force in libya h they are attacking gadhafi troops that have been storming population centers. a top u.s. general says the coalition is getting to the mechanized forces as well as ammunition and supplies for government troops. reports say the attacks have forced government toonks roll back from a western city of misurata. >> japanese officials are telling parents not to let infants drink tap water because radioactive iodine is considered more than twice considered safe for babies. residents cleared store shelves of bottled water after the announcement. >> you don't want to mix formula with this water and you don't want nursing women to have this water. >> kristen: new evacuation of the fukushima daiichi planted after black smoke was seen billowing from reactor 3. "wall street journal" is reporting there is some reports of scattered looting in the areas hit by the tsunami inc
tonight on world news. it airs at 5:30. now, the latest from japan. the prime minister says the situation at the fukushima daiichi plant remains unpredict abld and the country remains in maximum alert. the spread of radiation raising concerns about how to stabilize the plant. toxic plutonium was found outside the facility but so far amounts are too small. a tsunami triggered by a 9.0 earthquake destroyed the power systems needed to control the nuclear fuel rods in the plant. official death toll from the quake has topped 11,000. >> still ahead we're following breaking news in redwood city where a mountain lion has been cornered at a home near a business intersection. >> and women versus walmart. the biggest job discrimination case ever. >> and serious felony charges the government is considering in the massive gulf coast oil spill. right now the supreme court are hearing arguments about a major discrimination case against walmart. whether they can move forward on a class action suit. they accuse the largest retailer of favoring men and women over pay and promotions. justices were troubled
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11